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OPL v1(Open Parts Library v1) is a package of 100+ kinds of components. Such components are commonly-used, quality reliable, DFM friendly and have sufficient stock. Also, their eagle library is free to download. This little package can greatly increase the efficiency for design reference and supply chain optimization. OPL v1 is a collection of components, which are highly recommended and commonly used in open source community. Including IC, resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, transistor, crystal oscillator, connector and fuse, etc.

  • With Open source eagle library and 3D-Module (download)
  • Commonly used components
  • Reliable quality and sufficient stock
  • Easy for hand-soldering & production effectively
  • Documents

Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. For technical support, welcome to post your questions on our forum.

1. Fusion PCB capabilities:
Multi Layers 1-4
PCB Material FR-4
Available Color Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black
Silk Screen Color White, Black (For White Solder Mask only)
Minimum Quantity 5
Maximum dimensions* 5cm X 5cm
5cm X 10cm
5cm X 15cm
5cm X 20cm
10cm X 10cm
10cm X 15cm
10cm X 20cm
15cm X 15cm
15cm X 20cm
20cm X 20cm
2. Manufacturer Specifications:
Item Specs
Unit: mm Unit: mil
Available Board Thickness 0.6(4 layer except), 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0 23.6(4 layer except), 31.5, 39.4, 47.2, 63.0, 78.7
Thickness Tolerance (t >= 1.0) ± 10% (t >= 39.4) ± 10%
Thickness Tolerance (t < 1.0) ± 0.1% (t < 39.4) ± 0.1%
Insulation Layer Thickness 0.075 - 5.0 2.95 - 196.85
Minimum trace width 0.1524 6
Minimum inner trace width(for 4 layer) 0.203 8
Minimum trace/vias/pads space 0.1524 6
Minimum inner trace/vias/pads space(for 4 layer) 0.203 8
Minimum silkscreen width 0.1524 6
Minimum silkscreen text size 0.8128 32
Out Layer Copper Thickness > 0.03 > 1.18
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 0.01 - 0.018 0.39 - 0.71
Drilling Hole(Mechanical) 0.3 - 6.35 11.81 - 250.00
Finish Hole(Mechanical) 0.8 - 6.35 31.50 - 250.00
Diameter Tolerance(Mechanical) ± 0.2 ± 7.87
SMT min Solder Mask Width 0.1 3.94
Min Solder Mask Clearance 0.13 5.12
Aspect Ratio 8:1
Solder Mask Type Photosensitive ink
3. In Gerber, the following layers are needed:
  • Top Layer: pcbname.GTL
  • Inner Layer: pcbname.GL2(for 4 layer)
  • Inner Layer: pcbname.GL3(for 4 layer)
  • Bottom Layer: pcbname.GBL
  • Solder Mask Top: pcbname.GTS
  • Solder Mask Bottom: pcbname.GBS
  • Silk Top: pcbname.GTO
  • Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO
  • Drill Drawing: pcbname.TXT
  • Board Outline:pcbname.GML/GKO
4. Gerber file requirements:
  • Select EXCELLON instead of Gerber_RS274X when choosing the Device for Drill Data. Seeed_Gerber_Generater_2-layer for 2 layers andSeeed_Gerber_Generater_4-layer_1-2-15-16 for 4 layers are suggested to download for generating the gerber file when using Eagle to design.
  • For 4-layer PCB, in gerber, copper must be shown in layer 1, 2, 15, 16.
5. Panelization Rules:

If you want

a.apanelized array with V-cut, please make sure each pieces is the same
  • a) put the v-cut line in outline layer (GKO/GML)
  • b) highlight the v-cut line
  • c) put a note beside the v-cut line, please see the following picture.
  • d) In Eagel, put in layer 46&50 panelized different boards together, please note that the board will be shipped separately.

Step 1. Put all designs in one Gerber file.

Step 2. Make sure the cut lines (slot) are in outline layer (GKO/GML), and the complete board outline should go all round the edge of the boards.

Step3. Choose Panelized PCBs option, ie. 2 different boards= 2 designs, maximum is 5 designs.

If there are 2 designs are the same, we still consider that those are 5 designs. v-cut
  • 1) Please make surethe complete board outline should go all round the edge of the boards.
  • 2) No cut line in Outline layer (GKO/GML), please see the following picture
  • 3) You will still get 1 complete board WITHOUT any cutting no matter you put different designs or same design boards here.

4) If you want to use silkscreen to separate the boards, put the line in silkscreen layer.

Tips: a) no v-cut line in outline layer b) make the line as normal silkscreen

1. Technical Capabilities
  Supported Capabilities
Order quantity 2, 5, 10
PCB Layers 1-4 layers, refer to "Fusion PCB"
Components OPL components
Solder Type Lead-Free
Manual Soldering
Board dimensions Largest size: 200mm x 200mm
Board shape Rectangular
Board type Rigid
Design file format Gerber file / eagle / Components Placement Drawing (CPD)
BOM (Bill of Materials) with Seeed OPL P/N
2. Packaging
Finished boards are packed in antistatic bag with unit-pack or multiple-pack box.
3. Lead Time:
It will be soldered and shipped in 3 days after PCB bare board was arrived stock. (excluding the Chinese Festivals)
4. Quotation breakdown
  • * $10 Starting price for each assembled PCB
  • * PCB cost
  • * OPL component cost
  • * PCB assembly cost: $0.05 per pin for SMD / $0.04 per pin for DIP
5. Other services
We offer one-step shpping for propagate service, including customized PCB, PCB assenmbly, customized stencil and Acrylic laser cutting.
1. SMT Stencil Order Steps:
  • Upload your design file (One file, one order!)
  • Filling in the stencil parameters according to your file.
If your design files meet the requirements, Stencil will be manufactured in 24h, and shipped in 2-3days (Excluding the Chinese Festivals).
2. SMT Stencil Capabilities:
Minimum Quantity 1
Thickness 0.12mm, 0.15mm
Fiducial Data No Fiducial, Etched Through, Etched on Board Side, Etched on Squeegee Side
Polishing Techniques Polishing, BGA Plating
Maximum Dimensions
37.0cm x 47.0cm
42.0cm x 52.0cm
45.0cm x 55.0cm
55.0cm x 65.0cm
58.4cm x 58.4cm
3. Limitation on PCB Size:
Dimension Effective Area
37.0cm x 47.0cm 19.0cm x 29.0cm
42.0cm x 52.0cm 24.0cm x 34.0cm
45.0cm x 55.0cm 27.0cm x 37.0cm
55.0cm x 65.0cm 37.0cm x 47.0cm
58.4cm x 58.4cm 40.0cm x 40.0cm
*PCB and panelizing design must be in the effective area of the dimension you selected.
4. Gerber file requirements
The following layers are needed:
  • Top Layer: pcbname.GTP
  • Bottom Layer: pcbname.GBP
  • Silk Top: pcbname.GTO
  • Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO
  • Board outline must be included at least in one layer.
  • The Gerber file must be RS-274x format.
5. Panelizing
The rules of Panelizing:
Panelizing is permitted, but you should prepare the panelized Gerber files by yourself. One file, one order!
Price for SMT Stencil:
37.0cm x 47.0cm $70.00
42.0cm x 52.0cm $85.00
45.0cm x 55.0cm $135.00
55.0cm x 65.0cm $155.00
58.4cm x 58.4cm $160.00
0.12mm Add 0
0.15mm Add 0
Fiducial Data
No Fiducial Add 0
Etched Through Add 0
Etched on Board Side Add 0
Etched on Squeegee Side Add 0
Polishing Techniques
Polishing Add 0
BGA Plating Add $10.00
1. Read this first
  • We can ONLY do Laser cutting for now. Any Laser engraving is NOT accepted.
  • One service, one design file.
  • Submit your design in either EPS or CDR format. Your design file must be less than 10mb.
  • The parts need to be flat. If you want to make 3D parts, you could combine multiple 2D pieces.
  • If you have parts that taper to a thin, sharp point, make sure the the two converging lines of the sharp corners are no less than 0.05cm apart.
  • Plastic thickness may vary by + or – 10%.
  • The plastic sheets come with a protective masking on both sides to protect its surface during the cutting.
  • Your order will be processed and shipped in 3-4 days (Excluding the Chinese Festival).
2. Materials
We begin with one material. There is no doubt we will gradually add more materials into the list.If you want some other colors which are not listed here, welcome to tell us by dropping a line to order(at)
Material Number Thickness Color Type
A-T-1 2.55mm Clear Acrylic/Plexigals
A-N-1 2.55mm Red Acrylic/Plexigals
A-N-2 2.55mm Orange Acrylic/Plexigals
A-N-3 2.55mm Blue Acrylic/Plexigals
A-N-4 2.55mm Yellow Acrylic/Plexigals
A-N-5 2.55mm White Acrylic/Plexigals
A-N-6 2.55mm Green Acrylic/Plexigals
3. Reference Picture

4. Difficulty
The Difficulty is mainly decided by the Laser cutting time. Make sure processing time of your design is within the range of the service you select.
Length of Cutting line Processing Time Difficulty
Below60cm Below 2min Easy
Between 60cm and 180cm Between 2min and 5 mins Normal
Over 180cm Over 5 mins Hard
5. Sheet Dimension
The Sheet maximum dimensions for each price bracket are just that, the maximum. The outline of your drawing must be smaller than the dimensions of the service you select.
6. Quantity
You can select the number in the quantity box to make your design from a single material multiple times. We offer 5% discount for 50 and 10% for 100.
7. Laser Cutting Pricing
Unit Cost
Material Number Sheet Dimension Difficulty Price
A-T-1 10cm Max* 10cm Max Easy $1.5
A-T-1 10cm Max* 10cm Max Normal $2.5
A-T-1 10cm Max* 10cm Max Hard $3.5
A-T-1 20cm Max* 20cm Max Easy $2.8
A-T-1 20cm Max* 20cm Max Normal $4.3
A-T-1 20cm Max* 20cm Max Hard $5.8
A-N-1/A-N-2/A-N-3/A-N-4/A-N-5/A-N-6 10cm Max* 10cm Max Easy $1.8
A-N-1/A-N-2/A-N-3/A-N-4/A-N-5/A-N-6 10cm Max* 10cm Max Normal $3.0
A-N-1/A-N-2/A-N-3/A-N-4/A-N-5/A-N-6 10cm Max* 10cm Max Hard $4.2
A-N-1/A-N-2/A-N-3/A-N-4/A-N-5/A-N-6 20cm Max* 20cm Max Easy $3.4
A-N-1/A-N-2/A-N-3/A-N-4/A-N-5/A-N-6 20cm Max* 20cm Max Normal $5.2
A-N-1/A-N-2/A-N-3/A-N-4/A-N-5/A-N-6 20cm Max* 20cm Max Hard $7.0
If you want some other size which are not listed here, welcome to tell us by dropping a line to order(at)
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